Haddon Willmer,Keith J White

Entry Point: Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18

Entry Point
Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18 The term “Child Theology” is a 21st century invention. But the substance of Child Theology is as old as the Good News of Jesus. When his disciples were making serious mistakes in their theological argument about greatness in the kingdom of God, Jesus placed a child among them.
In June 2002 a group of Christians met in Penang, Malaysia to explore what was meant by "Child Theology". One of the outcomes was the request for a book on the subject. Entry Point is that book! Without defining the shape and content of Child Theology, it invites readers to explore what it might mean to receive this child as:
• a challenge to radical conversion,
• a clue to the truth about the kingdom of God,
• a reminder that following Jesus into the kingdom means denying self and taking up the cross,
• an encouragement to live in the resilience of resurrection,
• a helper in making universal community with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Authors: Haddon Willmer, Keith J White
289 printed pages
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