George Whatley

Pirates of the Senate

The Cruise of a lifetime turns out to be a nightmare in an act of piracy which takes place on the high seas, a cruise Liner and a large Gas Ship is captured by terrorist, using the Passengers on board the Cruise Liner as a Human shield the terrorist's goal is to sail both ships into New York Harbour and blow them up, striking terror into the very heart of America.
America will not negotiate with terrorists; before both ships get within its territorial waters, they will blow-up the large Gas Ship, in doing so they would also be killing everyone on board the Cruise liner.
As time runs out the only option for the passengers is to take on the terrorists on both ships before America unleashes its devastating military power, the fast-moving action takes place off Sable Island where historically there has been the loss of over 350 ships in the area known as the deadly “Atlantic Graveyard of ships”.
249 printed pages
Original publication



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