Colin Heston

9/11 TWO

Iranian terrorist Shalah Muhammad, long time manager of suicide bombers, and his neurotic Russian American apprentice, Sarah Kohmsky, hire a Russian mafia boss, Uncle Sergey, and his evil nuclear scientist, Turgo, to hit Ground Zero on the anniversary of 9/11. Hearing of the plan from the CIA, but estranged from her policing commissioner, New York Mayor Ruth Newberg asks Professor Larry Maciver, world renowned criminologist, for help. While the terrorists quietly orchestrate their attack, the drama unfolds as a battle between MacIver the careful scientist, and the impatient Buck Buick, Newark cop and former Marine bomb squad specialist. NYC politics doesn't help matters either, nor does the FBI when it embarks on sting operations that lead to CIA renditions and revelations of unwarranted surveillance.  Will it be a drone, a missile, or a repeat of the 9/11 bombings? Das, Maciver's geeky assistant, thinks he has the answer.  Can they save NYC or must it save itself? Predictably, things end up very ugly.
244 printed pages
Original publication

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