William Andrew Mudie

The Magwitch Fortunes

This is the long awaited sequel to Charles Dickens' novel,
Great Expectations, yet with a focus on the powerful
activities of the convict hero Abel Magwitch.

Suffering under corporate skulduggery and a broken heart,
Miss Havisham becomes a recluse raising the beautiful Estella who taunts her childhood friend Pip Pirrip

Pip helps Magwitch on the frost-bitten Kentish moors
prior to transportation to Australia.
Magwitch never forgets.

Becoming seriously wealthy in Australia, Magwitch anonymously
funds Pip and returns to Britain only to be recaptured as a felon.
Magwitch perishes in prison leaving his heirs, Estella and Pip,
to travel to Australia in search of the Magwitch Fortunes.
421 printed pages
Original publication



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