Emmanuel Ajoku

Inside the Mentor

Inside the Mentor is a compelling story of a Science teacher's experience that undergoes a turbulent journey with the students at his school. Realising as a mentor that the very students that should be his mentees mentored him, threw him into a world of new discoveries.Emmanuel's experiences whilst daydreaming, dip in and out of the ocean, which encapsulates his greatest fears. The narrative explores how his reflections are used to approach the challenges posed by the students he taught.The novel later unfolds Emmanuel's constant visual and dialogued encounters with himself, which provoked and unveiled a host of philosophical thoughts around mentoring, the concept of an individual and the future.This novel is set to blow your imagination, and actively seeks to increase your curiosity about whom a mentor and a mentee are in a mentoring process. This is an incredible read where you shall be left plunged into the mind of the Mentor. “I can fully relate to the events in your writing. You have relayed your experiences and sentiments in a refreshingly honest way «.-Cathy (Teacher of Special Educational Needs)
75 printed pages
Original publication


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