Paul Williams

Exploding Buddha

Business has been slow, which is never a good thing when you have bills to pay.  It’s much worse when you owe money to the most notorious crime boss in San Francisco.  So when a beautiful anthropology professor walks into Gideon’s office asking him to determine the whereabouts of an ancient artifact called the Horn of Ryujin, he naturally takes the case.
Gideon is not the only one looking for the horn, and soon, mob-enforcers become the least of his worries.  Our hero quickly finds himself in a life or death race against deadly ninja assassins and ancient, dark forces, to see who can claim the mystical horn first.  To make matters worse, if the horn falls into the wrong hands, the world’s delicate balance-of-power will shift, and millions of innocent souls will be eradicated.
Is this tough-as-nails private eye in over his head?  Will street-smarts, a mean right hook, and a Colt .45 be enough against demons and dark magic?
No pressure though.  It’s all in a days work for Gideon Jones, Private Eye.
275 printed pages
Original publication



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