Lilith:The Power of the Woman’s Spirit in the Age of Aquarius, Ed Russo
Ed Russo

Lilith:The Power of the Woman’s Spirit in the Age of Aquarius

Embrace the darkness for there you will find the light. We all have been told in this patriarchal system that to look for salvation is to look upward and outward to a god or gods to worship. We are not here to worship, but to look inside ourselves and embrace who we are and grow to our full potential. Inanna is the archetypical Goddess of love and war. Her descent into the Underworld is a reflection of our journey of going inward to face our true nature. When we fight this, we then are at war with nature. Lilith is Inanna’s handmaiden as we ourselves can also become partners with Inanna. Realizing who we are we then embrace the balance with the female archetype with the male archetype which will bring us wholeness as women become stronger and men and women come to love themselves. This new perspective is what is taken place as we enter into the Age of Aquarius.
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relaxxa2414has quoted5 years ago
In the microcosm it symbolizes our own journey in life. The challenges that we face are the winter in our lives that are opportunities for growth. When we realize this we grow, on the other hand when we see them as problems that we don’t face, it hinders us. It creates setbacks. Those setbacks are due to our perception and how we handled the challenges. The challenges seem dark, but there is light there when we learn from it. Darkness is just invisible light. Within each of us is that invisible light that we need to embrace to become whole. This is where

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