Sean P. Clouse

Walk-On, but Never Alone

IN THE FALL OF 1984, the Detroit Tigers were completing an amazing season, Bruce Springsteen was on his Born in the USA tour, and Bill Murray was busting ghosts. Otherwise, it was an average start to an average fall semester at Michigan State University. But one new student was about to set out on an incredible gridiron adventure. Who would have guessed that a single conversation with a football coach would eventually culminate in a trip to the Rose Bowl in front of more than 100,000 fans?
Sean Clouse's odyssey into the world of major college football was not easy-there were countless ups and downs. Luckily for us, he documented his whole journey in a series of journal entries, written as a 20-something year old student. He didn't just write about football, but he encapsulated his entire college experience.
Now more than 30 years later, Sean is revisiting those years with a need to relate his exploits and share that bygone world with future generations. His story is admittedly unique, but many current would-be athletes will surely gain important insights from his experiences, and older Spartan alums will enjoy reminiscing about the late 1980s Glory Days of MSU.
His story is not intended to garner praise or accolades. It is not meant to unmask some hidden wrongdoings. It is simply meant to tell a story that describes how hard work, determination, and a bit of dumb luck can lead to marvelous results. It is a story that asks you to walk-on, but never alone.
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