Michelle Mendoza

In Praise Of Single Women Over 40: The World Is Your Stage Stand Front & Center

You Are More Than Just A Number!

Being a single woman over 40 doesn't make you look pathetic! In fact, it makes you a hot commodity! You may have recently gotten out of a relationship or had your heart broken, starting over or making a career change. Wherever you are at this stage of your life embrace who you are and celebrate who you will become.

Let's face it, the forecast looks grim for single women over 40 if we listen to the news reports. We're told how impossible it may be to find a man at this stage of our lives so we should just settle for whomever we can get. And, we're described as middle-aged, stubborn, bitter, angry women who should be hiding behind closed doors.

Even if many of us look young and hot for our age we're told age trumps hotness. No wonder so many single women in their forties feel dejected and rejected! Don't allow any of this negativity to stop you in your tracks.

You may be feeling bad about yourself now and wondering if anyone will ever want you again at your age or if you will be able to find a normal, attractive guy. The truth is…your future looks brighter than ever!

The steps and exercises at the end of each chapter of this book will show you how to move forward and get ahead and why walking in faith can change your entire outlook on your life.

Gain invaluable insight into getting over a breakup fast without relying on a survival guide and moving on quickly from your past with your self-esteem intact.

Re-discover your belief in yourself and what you want and need out of life to gain personal fulfillment.

Gain renewed self confidence in yourself and feel empowered, attractive and sexy again.

Recognize and steer clear of the wrong types and attract those men that meet your expectations and requirements regardless of his age or your own.

Tune out negative opinions that stereotype you because of age and learn to listen to your inner voice and intuition as it guides you toward making the right choices for your life.

Recreate the life you want now, on your terms. And, don't be content to just settle with what society says you deserve. Utilize the steps in this book and watch your life transform, for the better, in every area.
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