Dennis Patrick Patrick Treece

The Crown of Happenstance

This is a story about alternative science, spirituality, and world history. On its surface, it is a story about a search for something that may or may not even exist, and the different people, from different realities, who are trying to find it. How they interact and how they go about their search carries that part of the story but there are other threads of stories in the mix, too. First is another version of Earth, known to its people as Shonak, some 500,000 years into their civilized history. And we have our version of Earth in 1000 BCE. Then there are pure energy beings watching and helping them all when possible. What they find, in the end, is better than what they were searching for.

Understanding some Differences between Shonak and Plus-Five/Earth Same planet, same orbit, same rotation but measured differently. The people on Shonak simply parsed their time differently than the people on Earth and the only constants are the orbit of the sun and the complete rotation of the planet on its axis.

Story Timelines
The Shonakian Calendar dates from the establishment of their current social order with Our Eldest and the List of Twelve and the Council of 142 and the current Grand Team structure. They began with year one, not zero. Our story is set around 1000 BCE Earth time, which is the year Atsa was born. That was the S-Rot 306047 on Shonak. If we think bona fide “civilizations” on Earth began no earlier than 7000 BCE, then the current Shonakian
world order is more than 300,000 years more advanced than on Earth, but Shonakians were “civilized” 200,000 S-Rots prior to their current world order. That would make their civilizations 500,000 years/S-Rots ahead of ours.
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