Convergence, Scott Gulyas
Scott Gulyas


Convergence is a Thriller-Suspense novel about three high school friends, Ham, John, and Mary J, growing up in the small town of Danville, Ohio. After Ham and John stumble upon a cave in the woods behind their houses, the three friends embark on an adventure exploring the cave system. What they discover in the cave changes their lives and the lives of everyone in Danville…forever.
The three friends stood in the pitch dark of the cave — the only sounds were that of their breathing and the water drips echoing off the cavern walls as it seeped through the floor of the woods above them. The small light beams from their headlamps illuminated the narrow cavern passageway. Ham led the way as they squeezed through the tight crevice — nervous about going deeper…but excited about what may lie ahead.
143 printed pages
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