Neil Austin

Kala Bear Wars

It started with uncaring humanities destruction of koala habitat. The poor creatures quietly endured until finally, the pressure to survive produced mutations. Brown eyes turned to blue as koala became kala.
The mutation gave the kalas human intelligence, stupid and wicked humans that is. They began their reprisals with attacks on tourists and escalated from there. Seeing an opportunity, the demon lord GUteater entered the kala mind stream and promising dominion over planet Earth, he bent them to his will.
That's when the Sirius agents, Commander Lord Winnie the Only and his companion Silverfox, stepped in. Commander Winnie set about creating a resistance; an allied force of Sirius agents, Earth folk and various unseen but very powerful spirit beings.
Thus began the Kala Bear Wars.
What the kalas didn't know (though Sirius and GUteater certainly did) was they were players in a cosmic inevitability. From the Mayans to the Bible it was always known that these times would come. Now Earth's future will be decided.
Will we enter the longed for golden age?
Or follow the path of Mars.
237 printed pages
Original publication
Neil Austin



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