Bob Lujano,Tara Schiro

No Arms, No Legs, No Problem: When life happens, you can wish to die or choose to live

Others would quit. He kept going.

In writing Bob's unbelievable story, I grew more and more troubled. I kept returning to the mind-blowing fact that he was actually grateful for this childhood that stole his limbs, scarred his face and body, and branded him disabled; a term he rejects.

He says it "was the best life he could ever ask for," that «the pain and abuse and rejection was all necessary.»

I couldn't understand his acceptance and forgiveness. I called it denial. Why wasn't he angry about it? I wanted to believe he was living a lie.

He says he is able. How could this be?

Bob Lujano refuses to succumb to tragedies or definitions. He is magnificently woven with strength and kindness. And his singular story proves that no arms and no legs is truly no problem.
272 printed pages
Original publication


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