Anayet Karim


In this book you will learn about USA Election 2020 campaign stage and elect the President of the United States of America?

It is a great story of attacking, insulting, blaming, pounding, pressing, hammering, polite religious cheating, back biting, hating, and dividing. Wonderful journey, it is totally unbelievable in American history! It is nothing but all about lying!

This chapbook tells you what possible solutions you have, to control this corrupted world and how to get rid of all abnormal activities from our modern society today? I have written 23 best solutions for this corrupted G20 world leaders to avoid global conflicts and unrest if they follow on it. Disseminate this message to this world reader if you wish right away.

You will learn some advice written to US President, its advisory group, Pastors and G7, G8, G20 leader's advisory group. You will see whether they are really doing their job or not? I believe the role of advisory group has tremendous effects of Presidents decision, what to say and what not to say, what to do and what not to do and finally stay in peaceful positive reliable safe position. It is a great issue for this corrupted world, we are on top of fire.

You will also learn who is fueling to make this world unrest and making the global environment toxic, bitter smelly and unpleasant. I have written 18 major systemic injustices happening around this world. My intention is not to increase the page numbers; I focused on the relevant information about USA Election-2020.

I am criticizing both parties from the neutral point of view for best outcome and striking the main point instead of working on the periphery of a circle.

I am not focusing who will win in this upcoming election. I am trying to explore the truth and tell the truth to the public and let the world know about this truth. My focus not care who will win in this 2020 election that is not my purpose.

Contents written in this chapbook based on:

Democratic & Republican Party backgrounds, philosophy, principles, ideology, vision, ethics, and how they are working with China, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Germany and playing the blaming game and make the whole world unrest. As a result, the environment becomes toxic, bitter, smelly and unpleasant. They also play with United Nations (UN), NATO to control and impose sanctions on other countries and so on,

I used very simple English in this book so that everybody can understand without going to find the word meaning in dictionary or search engine like Google.

97 printed pages
Original publication



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