Criss Cross, Joseph DeMark
Joseph DeMark

Criss Cross

The City of Brotherly Love is stunned by the sniper killing of an EMS Technician as he administers aid to victims of a previous shooting.

Walter Spotsman (Spots), is a hardened Chief of Detectives with the Philadelphia Police Department. A dying man’s whisper, ‘criss cross’, echoes a chapter of Spots’ past, and projects him into a harrowing chase for justice. Unlike most Chief of D’s, Spots personally takes charge of the investigation, engaging in a tenacious pursuit to apprehend the shooter. Utilizing his Marine sniper experience, Spots tries to anticipate every move of the shooter responsible for the cold blooded murder of his close friend and EMS Technician, Vince Scardini.

When the river docks and the Badlands of Philly become the final venue of the chase, the two legged rats of the city comprehend Spots’ true tenacity.
323 printed pages
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