Dawnn B Sommerville


Mayson has a secret. A secret that some know, and others choose not to. A secret that, once exposed, changes the everyday norm for him, his family and his best friend Reanna. During his young adulthood in the early 1980s in the small town of Benton, his secret brings him to a crossroad that merges a choice between his sexuality and his religious community. In his adventuresome quest for an answer, he hears the voice of many well-meaning people who believe they have the solution he needs. In his effort for self-discovery and spiritual fulfillment, his life webs out as it entangles the lives of others outside his norm. In the course of Mayson's search, he finds that love becomes a question as to which is his to have and which is not: Melvin, who he has loved from a distance; Veronica, who loves Mayson, but does not know his secret; his church that has been a significant part of his life, or Tony who brings the love and care that Mayson thought he has always wanted. In his adventuresome search, he ultimately yearns to know if his sexuality and religion have to be one or the other. As his life spirals from his reach, it leads him to a shocking discovery that he, his family, church, nor community saw coming.
448 printed pages
Original publication
D B Hughes



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