The Patriot's Daughter, Katlyn Charlesworth
Katlyn Charlesworth

The Patriot's Daughter

In the heart of the American Revolution, General George Washington must take drastic measures to ensure his freshly-forged nation’s independence. In the summer of 1778, he establishes an underground espionage circle whose sole purpose is to uncover vital information from behind enemy lines––a circle known only as The Culper Ring. The members who make up the Ring are some of New York’s finest loyalist gentlemen, associating under the guise of elaborate code names. However, in August of 1779, a new manner of member is initiated. Her name is Julia Woodhull––known only as Agent 355 to her compatriots. In mere months, she becomes instrumental to the Ring’s reap of rival information, but her greatest mission is yet to come. Under Washington’s orders, Julia must infiltrate the fortified military base of West Point and obtain concrete evidence to incriminate General Benedict Arnold as a conspirator, double agent, and traitor to the United States of America…
141 printed pages
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