Lombardo Francesca

Beatrice and the London Bus

Once upon a time — during the Year of the London Bus (2104)… Beatrice has a dream: she wants to be a Bus Driver. But it's not easy when your Mum is a dream-flusher and kills all your dreams. When Beatrice sees a model of a Routemaster Bus in a shop, she's determined to have it and, to turn it into a big talking London Bus that she can drive. And one day, guess what? Beatrice meets a talking Bus in the streets of London, which looks exactly like her bus model — and that only special people can hear. She's one of them. Did she make her wish come true? Has she suddenly turned into a wizard, even though her dream was just to be a bus driver? No — she is not tall enough to be a wizard, Beatrice thinks. Was it all just a DREAM, then?
100 printed pages
Original publication


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