Bo Dunne

Her Intimate Fix

boss, Otto, is a mean guy with a huge xxx, but she has to let him have his way
with her, to keep her job as a barmaid. Even though she hates him, she had to admit, he always gets her off.
Her son Connor, a brilliant teen with a full-ride scholarship to college, has a special love for his mom and he hates
the way Otto treats her. She, in turn, takes care of her underendowed son to keep up his spirits and encourage him to keep trying to meet girls his own age.
Finally Connor decides to get proof of what Otto does to his mom-but that means
breaking into the bar at night and using his knowledge of electronics. After
his plan succeeds, he keeps that secret to himself, but in return, she again
rewards him in that special way that breaks an ancient taboo.
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

son Connor lay on his bed, back home to visit his mom for the weekend from
Gainesville. In the warm evening, he was lounging around in his underpants,
just plain white briefs. He liked the university campus, which was full of hot
young babes. Most of his classes were easy for a dedicated student like
himself. That gave him way too much time to dwell on his non-existent sex life
and all the hot babes who wanted nothing to do with him.

window was open, so he heard his mom trudging toward the single-wide home and up the front steps. He knew the drill by now; he should leave her alone until
she showered, changed, and sat down in the living room with a beer. She had
taught him that throughout his life. Once she was sitting down, he was welcome
to talk to her if he wanted.

he heard the hissing of the shower at the other end of the trailer and later
the thump of the refrigerator closing, he walked out to the living room.


Why are you up so late?” Mattie, standing in the kitchen wearing her short,
light-weight white robe, took a long swig of beer from a bottle. Her curly
brown hair was still shiny with conditioner. The robe was see-through,
revealing her big tits, and it was loosely tied anyway, as though she wasn’t
thinking about her appearance. She didn’t seem to notice he was in his
underpants, given that he often wore no more than that in all the years he was
growing up.

reason,” said Connor.

you be in bed?”

stay up late at college, so I sleep late in the morning. I’m wide awake right
now. No worries.” He could see the beautiful curve of her waist and hips, as well as her dark, neatly trimmed bush, through the fabric of her robe. The
short robe barely came down far enough to cover her bush and butt anyhow. In the heat and humidity of Florida, she had raised him with a casual attitude
toward nudity, so this sight was nothing new. He had always liked looking at her, though, from childhood.

sit down.” Mattie plunked down on the couch, across from the loud, straining
window air conditioner.
30 printed pages
Original publication



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