B. Love

It Was Always You 2

In part one of “It was always You” Nehemiah and Slim committed themselves to each other, no matter the cost. In part two, their loyalty is tested. When secrets are revealed, and betrayal is made known, the roles reverse. It is no longer Nehemiah who has reservations about their commitment, but Slim.

Fatima has secrets of her own. Secrets that make it almost impossible for her to accept love from Quentin or anyone else. Known as a man who always gets what he wants, Quentin is up against the biggest fight of his life — choosing to love a woman through her pain, even if it causes him pain in the process, or letting her go and wondering… what if?

Both couples battle their pasts and secrets threatening their futures. Both couples can say, “It was always you,” but in the end… they must decide… if love is really worth it.
137 printed pages
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