Jaime Maxson: Of Blood and Sand, Annie Hayden Wallman
Annie Hayden Wallman

Jaime Maxson: Of Blood and Sand

Jamie Maxson: Of Blood and Sand
By: Annie Hayden Wallman

A Novel in Three Parts:

The Cove

Jaime Maxson's life runs like blood sands through an hourglass. He is a handsome loner whose soul harbors an inner mechanism, a “switch,” that renders him irresistibly drawn to sex, love, and escalating violence. He is a force for good and evil…and brings love and destruction to all the lives he touches.

Jaime loves by devastation. He has dark curly hair and eyes that are as much the gateway to his soul as his signature .50 cal. Jaime loves sex…hates to lose…and becomes a hit man whose pattern of attachment-detachment leads him running from Heaven and headlong into Hell.

Jaime Maxson is a man who preys for love…and endless revenge.

**Warning: The novel Jaime Maxson: Of Blood and Sand contains explicit sexual content and violence. It is not intended for children.
351 printed pages
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