The Edenite Case, Stephen Elder
Stephen Elder

The Edenite Case

The narrator of The Edenite Case is Ellit2, a detective in the Galactic Union's Division 51. Cephs are loners by temperament. When Ellit2 is assigned a partner, a human no less, the Ceph is very unhappy. The two detectives gradually reach a working accord that becomes deep respect and affection.

Ellit2 and Rae Maxxon are tasked with investigating atrocities committed by one group of humans (militant Edenites) against another (non-militant Edenites). They travel to several worlds where they are forced to be both diplomats and warriors. They also have to navigate emerging intrigues within the Galactic Council. With the help of a talented crew of several species, the two detectives manage to solve the case and avoid entrapment in the Council intrigue.
360 printed pages
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