Danielle May

She’s Crushin’ On A Savage

Can your first crush really turn into your first love?
After experiencing heartbreak from a person she thought was her first love, twenty-two-year-old shy and awkward Alana directs her time and energy to her future rather than relationships. But that all changes when her best friend, Gia, invites her to a party which is hosted by her older brother, Christian, and Alana’s first crush that she never fully got over.
Christian is a sexy asshole, with a no-nonsense attitude that women tend to flock to, even though he gives them his ass to kiss. At twenty-six, he is a successful entrepreneur that lives by the motto ‘if you want something, you should grind until you get it,’ which he applied to every aspect in his life. But he never thought that that would include a person that he only saw as his little sister’s friend, until he starts seeing her in a new light.
After that night, Christian peruses Alana with a vengeance. Will Alana continue to run from the possible thought of being hurt again, or will Christian be the one that makes her question everything she knows about what love truly means?
119 printed pages
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