Dale Vincent D'Alessio


A man plagued by dream premonitions of a woman sets out to understand what they mean and why they continue to haunt his sleep. A university student (Becca) takes on the challenge and joins the quest hoping to discover the meaning behind Leedo’s dreams, and possibly an understanding her own childhood dream.
Studying Leedo’s brainwave patterns reveals more than they had expected, a second set of brainwaves emanating from a parallel universe, a Motherverse existing in the same space but at a slightly different phase than our universe, a universe that can be visited by Leedo’s sleeping mind.
Following his dreams they experience a devastated duplicate world in need of help, a world that’s home to the duplicate woman that Leedo loved, a woman that rejected him in his own world.
Their plans to help the alternate world exposes a more sinister military involvement by Leedo’s own universe, exposing the horrible truth that the virus presently killing the Motherverse was actually created in Leedo’s universe.
321 printed pages
Original publication


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