Isa Kamari


With ancient mantras as their only guide, the Imorot, a group of people known for their savagery and saturnalian ways, had waited generations for the arrival of one special person. Who was that special individual and was he now living among them? Amidst all this, Syan, a young botanist, goes to the valley of Tuwau to find her anthropologist grandfather who left the family because he was accused of being an apostate. There she meets the Imorot. Her grandfather had lived with and written about them. But she is surprised to find a change in their lives and beliefs. This is due to the presence of Hira, a special person amongst them. Hira is revealed to be a clone of the Prophet. Intercession is the story of Syan’s journey and search for love, truth and meaning. It is a tale of the history of Islam revisited. Intercession was first published as Tawassul in Malay in 2008.
146 printed pages


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