Melissa Williams

Emerald Enchantment

Gabriella Desmond is running from her past when she finds herself working as a housemaid for Lord Ashford. She was just beginning to settle into her new life when the Duke arrived after a three-year absence. She soon finds herself captivated by his stormy grey eyes. She knows that if he were to find out the truth, he would turn away from her in disgust and hatred. She had to be careful not to let him find out that her family was the cause of his pain and grief. Her heart depended on it.
Devon Ashford, Duke of Huntington has just returned from a three-year investigation into the death of his fiancé'. Upon returning, he is greeted by the sight of a beautiful dark-haired, green-eyed maid. Gabriella Desmond is the exact image of his late fiancé', Kathleen. He instantly feels a protectiveness over her which he cannot explain Little does he know, his life is about to change when he becomes embroiled in a dangerous plot centered on the enchanting woman who ignited a passion he thought had died.
When a dangerous man from Gabriella's past emerges, he terrorizes her and puts her life in danger. What he wants in exchange for her life is an emerald necklace that had once belonged to her family and was lost. Can Devon find the necklace in time to stop the madman and save the woman who has enchanted him and taught him to love again?
176 printed pages
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