The Ultimate Monologue Book for Middle School Actors Volume I, Kristen Dabrowski
Kristen Dabrowski

The Ultimate Monologue Book for Middle School Actors Volume I

Middle school could not be more dramatic! Everything is both highly serious and seriously funny at the same time. This is the perfect time to showcase your acting skills. But where can you find juicy monologues? In this book! This is the guide for middle school actors. Nothing is held back. All the clean-your-room, give-me-your-lunch-money, take-a-shower-already, buy-me-some-lip-gloss, he-does-not-like-me, you-puked-on-my-math-book incidents are in here. Plus a whole lot of other stuff you wish would happen. Get ready for stage and screen!
66 printed pages



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bielieber03has quoted4 years ago
What’s the big deal about growing up? My sister says everyone is mean in seventh grade. And they don’t have a playground even. And she looks in her mirror every day, facing sideways, to see if she’s any bigger. Like this. (Pulling her shirt tight across her chest, sucking in her cheeks, and looking at herself from the side, face out front.) She looks stupid. Like a fish.
I’m always going to be a kid. I mean it. Who says you can’t? I’ll maybe get older but I’ll still have fun.
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