Angela Berg-Dallara

The Dark Side of Autism

“Ah Jeeeze, not another book about Autism.” But this one is different! It’s not all rainbows, unicorns and blessings. The Dark Side of Autism puts raising a child with special needs into perspective with no sugar coating of the reality.  
With firsthand experience raising a nonverbal child with autism and epilepsy, Angela talks openly and honestly about the true challenges parents face raising a child on the spectrum. With contentious opinions and candid observations, The Dark Side of Autism tells the truth about a dark and difficult subject people don’t like to talk about while fostering awareness for this sometimes debilitating and mostly unknown neurological disorder.
This offhanded, direct and vulnerable parenting chronicle will give you a new appreciation for the simple things taken for granted with neuro-typical kids like taking a trip to Disneyland, a full night's sleep and haircuts. Angela often says things people only think to themselves in fear of offending someone.
Autism has a dark side---it’s learning to cope with the darkness that can lift you up. If you are a parent with a child with special needs this book may read your mind. Angela is spot on with her darkly funny observations in the world of special needs---from the taunting beeping of a short bus to mastering IEPs with a reoccurring “don’t ask, don’t tell” theme.
If you know someone, and chances are you do, caring for a child with special needs, you will gain new insight on what it must be like for them. This book can be easily used as a guide to the stupid things NOT to say to a parent with a mentally or physically challenged child---without checking your “foot in the mouth meter” first. The Dark Side of Autism can help you be a kinder, more compassionate friend, parent, spouse and human.
224 printed pages
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