Rowena Spark


For one night I can have any woman I want. All it takes is a glance and a smile and I can lose myself in some meaningless fun.

When Willow shows up, huge eyes filled with ghosts and soul-deep scars, it's easy to give her space to heal.

Except that she's this mysterious jumble of contradictions and unexpected sass that draws me to her and gets under my skin.

She's just a friend. Nothing more.

But every moment we spend together blurs the line a little more, especially when I discover I'm the only person she trusts to touch her.

Now the echoes of my past return to seek revenge, and they're using Willow as the bait.

Prudence is book 2 in the Scars Of Credence series, but can be read as a stand-alone, it will be a richer experience if you read Credence first.
246 printed pages
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