Endings, Rainer Jude
Rainer Jude


These ten short stories play on ideas which have defined our humanity for thousands of years – existence, love, knowledge, wisdom, fear, faith, addiction, inhumanity, individuality, desire, betrayal and the quest for youth. Yet these stories care little for their beginnings, just how things end, for that is far more interesting and telling. The denouement, the outcome – that's what we want to discover.

Each story moves towards an inexorable ending, which the players may or may not influence; they may even realise too late what they have set in motion. What would you do if you had the key to total ecstasy in your hands? How could you dare to seek the answer to the greatest question of all without knowing the consequences of asking that question? Why might you reject the very person who you know is the only one for you? What is the most irresistible and pervasive force in the universe? These ten tales are imaginings of what might be. Are you ready to discover your ending?
120 printed pages
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