Theshela: Born for Destiny, Crystal R.Brown
Crystal R.Brown

Theshela: Born for Destiny

The Mitchell family is just like any other family who has a way of keeping it real and telling it like it is while still having each other's backs. The parents have to drop Eric and his little sister, Joanie, off at Granny V's house as they go to close on their own new home. Full of vigor and spirit, Granny V is baking up more than sweet potato pies. She shares with her grandkids stories of an African girl named Theshela. Eric pretends to suffer through having to hang out with his grandma and little sister, but he secretly enjoys the African tale of romance and adventure. Amid some twists and turns in the day that create a few problems for the family, Granny V adds some perils and close calls in her story of Theshela. The kids can't wait to hear if Theshela secures the heart of Prince Mankee despite the odds being against her. They soon begin to realize the lessons of love, loyalty, and family that Granny V is teaching them in… Theshela--Born for Destiny.
139 printed pages
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