A.C. Jones

The Jones Files: Book Six

If you have red any of my books before you will know that including people with various disabilities isn't unheard of. Hopefully you dear reader will understand that I believe in equality for everyone. Although I'm blind I don't think of it as a deterrent, rather a pain in the, oh well you know what I mean.

As many characters in my books, Jolene is based on a real person. In fact she was a very wonderful girl friend at one time. However we mustn't allow my sweet wife to know of the past. Oh well she already knows never mind. Jolene is a brilliant lawyer and turns out to be quite resourceful. She thinks she's not pretty but is. She is very modest as are many like her. She over comes disability with determination. This is one way of dealing with life's difficulties and can be satisfyingly successful. My old friend who Jolene is based on, is a registered nurse with three kids two dogs one cat and a husband.

Please give my book a read and you too will come
to admire this very interesting woman.

As always, yours Adam Christian Jones
275 printed pages
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