Joseph F.Dwyer

Harvest the Bitter Root: Terror, Love and Border Justice in Civil War Missouri

Harvest the Bitter Root: Terror, Love & Border Justice in Civil War Missouri
By 1862, the guerilla war along the Kansas-Missouri border made daily existence a brutal and daunting process. The prudent fled the territory. Those who stayed foolishly believed their situation would improve if they held on a little longer and did not get involved. They were wrong. The killer made their situations decidedly worse. After rigorous years of scouting Joseph Ussher has settled into a life of farming with his beautiful wife, Darby. This talented woman selflessly returns his love in kind and their demanding life on the homestead binds their union even closer. Their plans did not account for the unseen evil plotting against them. Voices assure Vince Harris his deviance is a gift and his social status is a platform for exploitation of bereft war widows and orphaned daughters. He targets the wrong woman, one who is deeply loved and has a resolute protector. Vince hides behind the best security team money can buy and is confident he is unassailable. He is wrong. After suffering an unspeakable offense, Ussher undertakes a quest for retribution and justice. The resources of the Harris cattle empire are arrayed against him. The Civil War engulfs the area and imposes unwelcome and dangerous detours. His path leads him to a new understanding of love and redemption. The revelations will prove invaluable if his body survives the rigors of the pursuit and his soul can abide the truths to be revealed.
303 printed pages
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