Keith Grissett

Full Circle

A US serviceman in England married Dan's mum, but left for the US when she fell pregnant with Dan.In contrast, his stepfather Dave was fantastic — not well off, but he gave Dan a good education. It was also Dave who persuaded Dan to get into computers. Dan was born for this. He moved quickly through the ranks then left to go freelance, but only after a leaving party when he woke up with 2 punch room girls.After 5 years of freelancing he started a software house. A US company bought it 2 years later. He became its European CEO and debt-free.1 year later with friends Grant and Mark, he left to create a new micro system. A Portuguese friend introduced Dan to a government minister, and Dan accepted the minister's proposal and moved his team to work near Lisbon. With a completed product they were ready to manufacture, but the Escudo crashed. Portugal couldn't afford to produce it.Dan negotiated repayment terms, moved everything back to England, and sought finance.Introductions from Dan's bank led to Ray Weaver's private funding. That led to a night of passion with older woman Sarah and younger Sandy. A weekend in Cascais with Sarah sealed their love, but tragedy loomed. Sarah's letter diagnosed cancer. She halted their relationship, citing Dan's funding as the excuse.Dan turned up to see her. Pale and reluctant to embrace him, she said she was dying. Distraught, he asked to marry and take care of her and to spend as much time as possible with her.A fortnight later, married, they arrived at Dan's house where his partners had secretly arranged a party. Afterwards, Dan's mother embraced Sarah. She'd guessed.Sarah died within three months. Dan couldn't adjust, but his company had boomed. It needed larger premises and was ready for public flotation. Dan decided to stand down, and spoke with his partners and Ray. Ray bought Dan's shares. Dan, now a millionaire, moved back with his parents.'Hello Dan. Remember me?' Dan was in the newsagent. His past just caught up.
213 printed pages



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