Kim Wetteland

The Coming American Apocalypse

America is in a meltdown! Left-wing extremist judges frequently nullify the majority votes of U.S. citizens. The Bible is becoming the new hate speech. Pastors face jail time for refusing to perform same-sex marriages. Rioting, looting, fire-setting and lawlessness are spilling into our nation's streets. What is happening to America?

– Did George Washington witness an alarming vision at Valley Forge and predict the shocking collapse of the United States of America?

– Has ISIS secretly infiltrated every corporation in America – including the Federal government?

– Why is the U.S. Government strategically removing the religious liberties and free-speech rights of Americans and unleashing a vicious attack against pastors, churches, and Christians?

– What does the CDC not want Americans to know about the Ebola virus?

– Are radical, Islamic jihadists working as Computer Techs who control America's power grids, infrastructure, and major airports?

Discover the three, shocking truths America has in common with every previous empire that has suffered chaos and total collapse. Will the United States of America follow in the footsteps of all the preceding superpowers and crumble in a pile of ashes? Find the answers to these alarming questions and discover what you can do to lead America back to God and preserve our Constitutional freedoms.
108 printed pages
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