Susan Wadia-Ells

Busting Breast Cancer

Women, under 45 years old, are seeing a 12% annual increase in invasive breast cancer throughout the United States. But nobody is talking about these numbers, or what could be causing this sharp uptick in breast cancer among women of childbearing age.

Busting Breast Cancer: Birth Control Drugs: Learn the Terrible Truth documents what we know about a woman’s increased risk while she is using any of the dozens of contraceptive pills, patches, rings, implants, shots, or the Mirena, a hormone-based IUD sold on the U.S. market today, and suggests safer and more effective birth control methods, such as a hormone-free IUD or a permanent tubal ligation.

Readers of this first volume in the Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps Ebook Series also learn how birth control drugs affect a woman’s body; which groups of women are most at risk when using these drugs; why most doctors don’t understand how using birth control drugs increases breast cancer risk, and why American women are today forced to pay the monopoly price of $754 for the safest and most effective hormone-free reversible birth control method available… the tiny plastic copper coil IUD, ParaGard.

Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps Ebook Series

• Birth Control Drugs: Learn the terrible truth

• Vitamin D3: Take the best Busting Breast Cancer step under the sun

• Seven Foods and Seven Supplements: Eat to help block cancer & balance hormones

• When Fertility Drugs Lead to Motherless Children: Are there alternatives?

• The Horrors of Hormone Replacement Drugs: How to safely replace them

• Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Avoid three probable life-style causes

• Thermography: Try this safe way to ID breast inflammation and hot spots

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90 printed pages


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