No Kings No Gods No Mercy – Book 2: Gods Shall Fall, Aurelio Martegani
Aurelio Martegani

No Kings No Gods No Mercy – Book 2: Gods Shall Fall

The epic saga started in “Kingdoms Will Burn” continues!
Already the Red Prophet has one shard in his grasp and schemes to fool his enemies into retrieving the other ones for him.
The perilous quests for the shards bring together groups of characters – some with their own agenda – who would not normally side together, and won't find their temporary alliance always palatable. Among them Martemio and the famed Alexandre, Strategon of Ansalion, wanted dead by his own King, both smitten by the alluring Mermeera, a young but resourceful healer. Mages, warriors, courageous dwarfs, ordinary people and religious fanatics are all drawn into the deadly game, having to confront nightmarish creatures, cunning foes and even a devastating plague in distant Kithai.
But Gaelyon has powerful allies too, not least Merakis, one of five dreaded dragons that paralyse their victims with fear.
The stage is set for a reckoning where mighty armies, men and demons wrestle for control of the Unmaker’s ultimate source of power.
546 printed pages
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