D.G. Johnson

Zortega's Qualum and the Shadow Walker

As Devereaux Vanseal grows up on earth with his friends Anthony Pike and Harley Braymark, he soon realizes there is more to his zodiac world that meets the eye. After the Zodiac wars, there was a long-kept secret in his magical ancestry that he couldn't just learn in history class. Dev is the successor of the Capricorn line. His safe and protected life soon comes to an end, when his friends and family are attacked on earth. With Dagon, Dev's trusted wolf familiar by his side at every turn, will Dev be ready for the change awaiting him? Now, Dev must train in order to help defend himself from danger. With this new imminent threat declaring to overturn Zortega and the twelve council members. Dev must find a way to help the council take down the mysterious shadow figure. The Ophiuchans are real, but can Dev prove it before Harley is charged with a crime she didn't commit? Will he be able to fight the Kantors and survive? Will the prophecy of the thirteenth line finally come true after so many years? Will the answer be in this book or the next… who knows?

339 printed pages
Original publication



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