Iain Forbes

From Millport to Eternity

The earlier poems in this work are from a simpler time to the later ones of awakening, they chart how I have seen and experienced the declining progress from then to today, and the worrying direction we are blindly trusting our masters to guide us in, as we do not have enough vision to believe we have the knowledge, skill or confidence to accept that all we need already exists, not for the taking, but for the sharing. Those who lead us, want to take everything and control it, telling us, “You must follow our dictates if you are to be deserving of these things.” (That rightly belongs to us.). The people Who consider themselves as the natural leaders of us all, have used every trick in the book, from creating God/s, Jesus to Father Christmas as tools to manipulate their servants (Us.) with guilt, judgment, forcing each other to live by their rules, responding when our buttons are pushed, by conditioning us from the cradle to the grave through culture, religion, and education.
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