Kanwaljit Bhullar

With An Apology from Mr. Adam

About the book:
With an Apology from Mr. Adam — Mr. Adam of Adam & Eve couple, our first human beings on this earth. We are heirs of Mr. Adam and we have some questions yet to be solved about our human nature. That's why I apologize and ask him as his heir.

About the Author:

If I have to say something about me, then the following my seven answers to the questions asked to me in my long interview by Mr. Darshan Darvesh, a well known Producer, Director, Writer, Poet and above all a Cinematographer, are sufficient:

Q.1. If someone ask me a question that what lovely and precious happiness you have been deprived of till date?

Ans. To this day, sadness has given me happiness and if I have been deprived of any of those sadnesses, then I can say that I have been deprived of that sweet and precious happiness.

Q.2. What was that wonderful thing in life that turned out to be bitter?

Ans. The season of youth … in these seasons there are loves and in those days the end was only bitterness after love.

Q.3. Which is the most precious thing you lost by fighting with oneself?

Ans. If I would have fought with myself, what was the point of surviving? So everything is handed over in the hands of time. What I have lost or found is never accounted for nor can be.

Q.4. To this day what you have stolen something from the personalities of others?

Ans. If one steals something from the personality of others then he cannot maintain his personality. However, it is better for a person to live according to himself. Crime is born when he dreams of living according to others. So I like myself and am limited within that range.

Q.5. Which dream place you like to visit and often prefer to read, write or hang out?

Ans. I stayed away from my home when serving in the Army and till date after retirement in 1998. So home is the sweetest place to go and be happy and is the sweetest place where I prefer not to go on vacation to write, read or go for a walk. My priority is to think of the house as my home before any creation. I can do one more thing, sleep at home, tired of the hustle and bustle of work. My wife gets tired of waking me up but I don't get tired of sleeping. It would have been nice to live then. Not all people who work far away would have felt the same way but that's what I think.

Q.6. How to be friends with the greatest reader of literature?

Ans. The literary reader is a fan of good works. He also reads and analyzes works. Then he paints a good picture of that author in his life. He considers the author of that work as his friend in his mind. He reads his creations. He thinks maybe he will be like his creation. He becomes a blind believer in that author. He is simply the greatest reader. And friendship with him should be the same as the situation in which he considered the author a friend. The writer should also act as if he were composing, so that the reader finds the same author as the work and stays connected with literature.

Q.7. What are your favorite desires and why?

Ans. I don't have many desires from the beginning. I am satisfied with what is happening. Petting many desires are painful. If most of the desires that have been nurtured remain unfulfilled, then a lot of suffering has to be endured. So why to suffer so much if desires remains incomplete. My needs are small so I am self-sufficient.

Kanwaljit Bhullar

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