Kathryn K Giordano

The Kryptonite Chronicles: The Weather Man

Zach Jones always thought that he and his friends were normal, average, everyday teenagers. He was utterly wrong. One day, a stranger transports him and his two best friends, Kelly Adams and Jamie Stark, to Da Vinci Academy, a mysterious school with an ageless Leonardo Da Vinci as the Head of School. Da Vinci students are really abnormal because they have unique 'superpowers.' Zach, Jamie and Kelly learn about their own powers, enchantments and strange creatures, hidden from the world of 'normal' people.

Now, Zach and his friends have to go on a life-threatening adventure to retrieve a powerful artifact, stolen by an evil rival school. But, if they fail to recover the artifact in time, Da Vinci Academy may destroyed and along with a global catastrophe. Along the way, our hero makes friends and gets help from powerful allies, but also encounters dangerous enemies. Zach and his companions must save Kelly's dead parents, while a mysterious person intrudes upon his dreams with cryptic advice and Mexican food.

Yes, Zach Jones is never going to be ordinary again.
290 printed pages
Original publication


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