Find Your Where, Rose Opengart
Rose Opengart

Find Your Where

Are you unhappy or stressed in your job?
This book will help you find your happy place! Most books about getting a job focus on how to write a resume and how to answer tough interview questions; in other words, how to convince an employer to offer you the job. Instead, this book turns the tables by putting you in control — by putting you in a position to assess where and whether you want the job.
Ask yourself: can you afford to work in the wrong job for the wrong organization? Most heart attacks occur on Monday Morning. Poor management in U.S. companies is associated with 120,000 deaths every year! Finding Your Where may be the difference between life and death!
Use this book as a tool to identify your needs and then find a job where your needs are met. By using this specially-designed set of questions, you will be excellently placed to analyze any job opportunity in your current organization or another.
Times have changed and the revolution has begun! Take responsibility for charting your own professional future.
Find Your Where, because where you work can make all the difference in the world to your happiness.
71 printed pages
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