How to Get Hired As a Teacher: Getting Into a School Board, Michael Cimicata
Michael Cimicata

How to Get Hired As a Teacher: Getting Into a School Board

12 printed pages
Getting hired by a school board is extremely difficult, but absolutely possible. The right measures will allow you to become a hired teacher in a market that is flooded with un-hired teachers. You will get to put your Bachelor’s of Education degree to good use!

The tips, tricks, and strategies that are listed throughout this ebook are essential to getting hired as a teacher. They will allow the school boards to notice you because you will stand out from the other applicants that are applying for the same teaching positions.

This ebook covers everything from volunteering in a classroom to making your application look ideal for school boards.

I have personally gotten hired by a school board as an occasional teacher, gotten hired for a long-term assignment at a school, and received a permanent position at the same school. These tactics have worked for me, and there’s no doubt that they’ll work for you too.

Find out how to get hired as a teacher by reading through the contents of this ebook!
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