Steve Dennison

The Deadlier Sex

When Steve Dennison a freelance journalist, ex-barrister, ex-cop, hurries to Texas to save his former girlfriend Jenny Bell from the executioner’s deadly injection, he has no conception of the perils awaiting him. Jenny, a sex-obsessed Englishwoman living in America, is on death-row for the murder of three soldiers. Dennison finds out about a plot to railroad Jenny and seeks proof of her innocence while exposing the real killer. Matters worsen when unwanted help arrives in the shape of beautiful Samantha Collins who gaining Jenny's trust records her story of sex, love and revenge. Overcoming their conflict, Dennison and Samantha join forces and despite attempts on their lives, they string together evidence in Jenny’s favour. Enter Berenice Stirling, ex-CIA agent from Afghanistan who is on a mission to avenge the abuse and wiping out of her family by a secret clan operating behind the lines in war zones.
309 printed pages
Original publication


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