Makini Smith

A Walk In My Stilettos: How To Get Through The Struggle With Grace

As human beings, we look to outside sources to validate our own thoughts and experiences. This general notion is called “social proof.” When we see that others have been through similar experiences and have been where we have, it allows us to feel better about ourselves. When we see other people overcome their fears, face adversity, and then finally taste triumph, we affirm ourselves and say, “If they can do it, then I’m sure I can too!”

Almost two decades ago, a young woman named Makini Smith decided that she was not going to become another statistic. Through dedication, perseverance, and the will of a higher power, she has pushed past many obstacles on the journey we call life. After a series of life-changing events transformed Makini forever, she now focuses on sharing her story to inspire others to carry on. Turning every lesson into a blessing, she acquired the key to understanding that faith, courage, compassion, and connections are the tools to living your best life.

She now shares her wisdom and insights in a transparent story of overcoming adversity to achieving triumph. This tale will strike an emotional chord and has the power to change your life. She is proof that being an optimist, mastering the power of having a positive mindset that focuses on strength, and sharing experiences can heal you and help others at the same time.

In “A Walk in My Stilettos,” Makini shares how she conquered the challenges of

Being a teen mother


Traumatic loss

Becoming an entrepreneur

Single motherhood and

Much, much more.

Makini aspires to show you how the right mindset can turn anyone from being the victim to a victor, turn obstacles into opportunities, and attract the life you truly deserve. The power is within YOU!
219 printed pages
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Makini Smith


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