Dorothy Collins

Life's Unexpected Moments

Bad decision by Chrissy!!
Chrissy Lambert is an Interior Decorator that arrives at 721 Langley Street, falls into a situation that renders her unconscious. Awakening, she is tied to an unfamiliar man in a mysterious garage.

John Taylor, PI, chases an undesirable that disappears into a house with a stabbed man on the floor. After leaving the house, John encounters Chrissy and tries to stop her from entering. Chrissy misinterprets. Both end up with head injuries and end up kidnapped and tied together.

The Kidnapper is Geoffrey, bodyguard to Senator Alan Hammond.
Senator Alan Hammond has previously met John, and immediately releases the two of them as a mistake. Geoffrey drops the blindfolded Chrissy off first back in the city. A truck driver almost runs over disoriented Chrissy and takes her to the hospital.

Officer Joel Hanley meets Chrissy enquiring about her kidnapping. When released from hospital, Hanley takes Chrissy back to the scene of the homicide for her missing purse, and tries to stop Detective Delaney's harsh tactics with Chrissy. Joel Hanley becomes Chrissy's friend, and John Taylor tries to make friends guilty over getting her kidnapped. Senator Alan Hammond decides he wants Chrissy in his life.

Chrissy is kidnapped three times. An undesirable, Mr. Delvietti enters into the list of kidnappers who was also known to Senator Alan Hammond.
Turns out mob trying to disuade senator from invading their territory with a casino in his country estate home. Chrissy is the sacrifical person to bring senator to sign an ageement to get out of the casino business.

The four men become interlaced in Chrissy's life under dangerous conditions.
Chrissy is regretting her bad decision. Will she survive?

346 printed pages
Original publication



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