Iron of the Innocent: The Dark Judge, Daniel Bastion
Daniel Bastion

Iron of the Innocent: The Dark Judge

Iron of the Innocent, Volume 1: The Dark Judge.

Dreydan Ruin, a young warrior coming of age, a private in the Solorn Army, has met the enemy in unexpected battle. With shield broken and unable to reach his sword, he falls into destiny pursued by unknown, dark forces.

Heeding a friend’s request, Tarn Silvershield, a dwarven warrior finds himself on the road to war with an outcome unforseen.

A mage of nobility, Shydler Wresgoth, looking for a life of peace finds a past of shadows is not easy to escape.

Dalora Blacksword, crown princess of Black Sword, is haunted by nightmares and acute grief for a dead brother as the kingdom's fate is weighed on the scales of justice.

Unknowingly connected, the mist of history has set them all on a journey of convergence in the midst of light, fire, and shadow.
364 printed pages
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