Therese Zink

COVID Chronicles

In this book of essays hear the voices of the essential workers who kept the US moving forward during Year 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laugh, cry, and be inspired by the challenge, misery, and insanity faced by black, brown and white physicians, caregivers, nurses, and retail workers across the US. While the world was brought to its knees, they fulfilled their work obligations in hospitals, clinics, schools, group homes and stores, as well as balanced the needs of family and self. They got up each morning to face frustrated clients, patients, and families; inept managers who ignored science; and others who disrespected the careers they had committed their lives to, even considered them dispensable. At the core, these stories are about resiliency-the human spirit's ability to negotiate dark times-essential workers staying safe and surviving, even thriving.

Zink started her medical career with AIDS and now faced COVID. She struggled with a foot in two worlds: family doctor and daughter/sister. She cared for her patients and advocated for COVID positive family members living in a long-term care facility a 1000 miles away.

A must read for anyone burdened and disheartened during the COVID pandemic. Zink and those she interviewed show us pathways to hope.
128 printed pages
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