5 “S” of Yoga book for Children

Do you find your children get irritated quickly? Do they glue to media devices during the resting period?
If the answer is yes, then you must intervene before it is too late.
In this age of information overload, children's brains are getting overloaded with junk information, and they need a proper break from gadgets. Why not try something that you have worked with yourself and wants your children to benefit from it. If you have tried yoga and felt it's the benefit, then this book is for you. It guides how you can introduce yoga in their schedule without making a big fuss of things.
This book aims to empower the user to:-
Self-Discipline♥Self— Control♥Self-Esteem♥Self-Concentration♥Self-Motivation♥This book is specifically designed for children and contains:-
Coloured illustration of Asanas which make it easy to understand and performSimple and easily understandable languageStep by step explanation of posesAssist your child to build confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, and attention spanBook aims to inculcate learning in children to accept their bodies, improve self -awareness, improve focus, self-esteem and self-confidence naturally.Also, contain helpful tips for parents.★


96 printed pages
Original publication



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