Robert Poyton

Assault Team 5: Volume One

Having recovered from the horrors of global nuclear war, humanity has finally reached up andout to the stars. Now, Earth relies on its far flung mining colonies and factories to survive.
Mike Naylor is a member of the Landers, the elite Skyborne unit serving the Terran Alliance. He is on the front line when the first rumblings of discontent begin amongst the Outer Colonies.
When the Separatist Rebellion flares up and spreads like wild fire, Mike is recruited to spearhead a new Spec Ops outfit, Assault Team 5. Naylor quickly forges a team of experts, who prove their worth in a series of special missions.
But when AT5 are assigned to the frozen hell of Copernicus 9, their skills and capabilities are tested to the limit. Because not all your enemies are in front of you…

264 printed pages
Original publication



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